3 October 2023


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My first sports car 11 years ago, supported by my beloved wife for such a selfish decision.
The photo below was taken at the dealer’s place on the 17th March 2012. (original file was very low quality, so I used TOPAZ Photo Ai to upscale it.)

Today I still own and drive the car. All original condition with some bumps here and there. Most obvious one is the side door that got clamped by my house autogate when I drove the car in. A school bus stopped next door and give horn to the neighbour house. I was like OH NO OH NO in my mind…

My wife in the house thought is our boy coming back home and immediately she press the autogate to try to open it. My car was already half way in and the autogate is already fully opened. Oh no…oh no…the gate closed and hit my car side door. I won’t dare to move and I horn to signal my wife to stop. She heard the horn and press the autogate bell to open it. Then she PRESSED again to CLOSE it!

I remembered clearly my car’s door got hit twice. Luckily not trice and she finally noticed my car.

No, I don’t repair the dent till today. A good memory and story to tell.