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A Rare Porsche 911T in Malaysia

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When searching for Porsche 911T, I was surprised to see one available for sale in Malaysia last month.

Recon 1969 Porsche 911t Coupe Vintage Fully Restored – Cars for sale



The car is sold and the ads has since been removed. A real classic Porsche. Lucky buyer!+

I always like Porsche 911 series. When I got my first sports car, Peugeot RCZ, I have been researching of the Porsche 911 as well. Price is more than double of my RCZ for an used unit, way beyond my reach. Maintenance and repair are scary too. A friend of mine said he has to pay RM100k for a new gear box, but luckily he found an used one for 60k. He sold the car after repairing.

Compared to modern 911, which depreciate in price, I prefer this classic 911 much more. Still, RM699k, can only dream at the moment.