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Getting a NEW Clock for my Volvo P1800?

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Almost all P1800 owner will tell you that the clock is broken. The original design just doesn’t last.

Above is my clock. Nice design and face, but not working. The needles also seems damaged. This is not urgent, but it is always handy to have a working clock in the car.

This morning I received a newsletter from CVR, showing a new product in their website.

Quite to my disbelief, I saw a Volvo Clock available!


I have never see this clock available before, except in ebay which is still selling at very high price (over US$200 normally for a untested or broken one).

I checked another website, VP Autoparts, and it has the clock in stock as well!


Another popular website has it as well!


Really a good news for all. I am tempted to buy one, but the shipping fee is quite a lot at US$35. It looks like this is a new reproduction model that is available now, so it should not get sold out so soon.

Will wait till I have some other things to get then only buy together.

George Ardavast Minassian from Australia bought one. Replica in front, Original at the back.

Looks good to me!