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New Car Plate Design for my Volvo P1800

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When I bought the Volvo P1800 from the previous owner, I asked him to pay for the new car plate of my new plate number SYP1800. He did fabricate the plate in JB and glued them to the car himself.

There were some defect in the car plate, the rear one has some chipped at the top right corner and some numbers have some defect.

Since it is free from him, I am OK. But in my heart, I wanted to change to something nicer in the future.

The day has finally come. I have paid for two new plates (front and back) for my Volvo P1800 when I did the windows tinted. It took about a week for the plates to be ready. Today, as it was a holiday, I went to get the plate fitted. The shop use 3M cleaner and tapes to secure them to my car.

The design is 3D metalic internal type. On the surface it is smooth and flat, but the 3D wordings are actually in the rear. Interesting design and very shinny.

Took around 15 mins to install.

Brought the car back home.