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Fuel sender fixed, Volvo P1800

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Finally, done. Bought the fuel sender few months ago. Two days ago I finally found the time to send it to my trusted mechanic for the installation work.

This is the fuel tank, not original but stainless steel type built by the previous owner. The fuel sender was Toyota according to him. Gave the wrong resistance to the fuel gauge, hence not giving out correct reading and gauge needle was jumping up and down when fuel is low.

The Toyota sender was having 5 holes, while my new Volvo sender is 6 holes. I can’t do drilling to the tank myself, hence safer way is to send to professional workshop.

According to my mechanic, the hole was a bit too small for the sender to go in, hence he has to chamfer the opening a bit to allow the new sender to go in.

The mechanic did not drill new screw hole for the sender, instead he used just one screw hole to tighten the sender and windscrew glue to sealed the rest. He showed it to me that the one screw and glue combined are strong enough. Not sure how good that is in long term.

Took tthe car today at around 2pm and immediately I drove to the petrol station for refueling. Pumped RON97 for my car, to pamper the engine a bit.

Paid RM124.10 for 37.045L of fuel @ RM3.35 per litre. The tank capacity is 44L, so I am very close to being empty with 7L fuel left. The car fuel consumption is said to be 9km/L, so I have just around 63km left. Not too short distance, but the don’t know when feeling is bad.

Before refueling, the fuel gauge needle was pointing at E. Which is correct.

After refueling, unfortunately, the needle isn’t pointing to the F line. I guess the sender might have placed slightly higher than what the original tank position supposed to be, hence the float wasn’t able to go high enough to move the needle to the F line.

On the other hand, this also mean that the needle might be showing E too early if the float is going not low enough.

A simple correction would be to straighten the float angle metal a bit, so that it can give more accurate reading. Problem is that the sender has been sealed. Will be a bit of headache to reopen it.

Happy with the repair work! One big heache solved!