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Volvo P1800 Roof Insulation (reduce HEAT!)

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Malaysia weather is really hot. Though we do have rain almost weekly, but when it was sunny, the temperature can reach upto 34 deg C outside, and over 65 deg C inside the car!

I tinted the windows of my Volvo P1800 last week, it has significantly reduced the heat from the scorching sun, but the roof is still remain as a main source of heat getting into the car. Photo Below was taken this morning. The windows are dark enough and have good solar energy rejection of 80%.

The roof is still the main source of heat under the hot sun. I can feel the heat coming down from the roof hitting my head during noon time if I were driving. Touching the inner roof top with my hand, there is little insulation as I can feel the roof and heat from it.

When I did the windows tinted last week, I asked about roof heat insulation but the shop said they only do sound insulation. Then I came upon a Facebook post mentioning about car heat insulation, one member was using this bubble aluminum foil as a cheap but effective solution for their entire car. I checked at Lazada and found the product.

Bubble aluminum foil for roof, house roof instead of car roof. I paid RM28 for it including shipping.

Received the bubble aluminum foil yesterday, can’t wait to install it to my roof but I don’t want to do it at night, so waited for the next day.

I have the car roof lining edges opened up few days before. This is for the preparing of the aluminum foil insert later.

I measured the roof size of my car, it was around 108cm x 100cm. Later when inserting, into the car, then only I found it should be smaller to be 3-5cm shorter to make a better fit. Anyhow, I just fold the edges and insert them into the roof.

Took me quite a lot of effort to insert the foil in between the lining and the roof. I am not sure how to remove the lining, so I just have to do in between them. Not easy when it is single man job, as you have to pull the lining while inserting the foil. Anyhow, done in around 30 mins, or it felt like an hour.

Can’t really notice the difference, except when having a close look will see some silver reflection from the black lining holes.

I parked the car under the sun after this, tried touching the roof and I can still feel heat from it. 😛

Anyhow, theoretically it should do its work by rejecting the heat back up to the roof. So inside the car should be cooler.