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Tinted my Volvo P1800 Windows

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I have wanted to redo the tinted of my Volvo P1800 for a long time. Previously surveyed at the popular ALVA shop in JB, sent my wife Mazda there for coating, and my friend’s new Mitsubishi Xpander there for coating and tinted, found their quality to be so so only.

Today, after work, took my dinner and I decided to go to the nearby car accessories shop that I have used their services before on my wife’s previous Mercedes S300, to check out their tinted price.

I told the lady boss medium budget, so she showed me the RM480 package. The next package is RM680, USA paper with 5 years warranty. After some negotiations, we conclude the deal at RM650.

I decided to make the car darker, so I chose 35% visible light transmission for the main windscreen, while the rest are 20% visible light transmission.

The work started at around 7pm, and I thought it can be done within 30-45 minutes. I was wrong. The work is much more tedious than I thought, or should I say their details and careful quality control are really satisfying. Though my car is small, it took them 2 hours in total to have all the tinted done. There are 4 person working together for my car, later reduced to 3. Still it took 2 hours to have all the tinted done.

The previous tinted on my car are of good quality as per the previous owner, but I don’t see the quality of workmanship to be as good as my current one. The tinted film didn’t cover fully from corner to corner in the old tint, but this new one is of much better workmanship.

A quick glance does show improvement. I don’t like the previous not dark enough tint as people can see through the glass easily as per what’s inside my car.

This is an old photo of my car parking outside my shop. You can see through the glass of the seats and what’s inside. Little privacy in my opinion, not so safe as well.

Beside that, I have also ordered a set new car plates. The plates done by the seller were not in satisfying quality. Too modern looking and there are damages to the corner of the plate. Doesn’t feel pristine or elegant.

I chose the metal classic design plates that require special order for 4 working days. Left phto is the sample design, while right photo is the sample font. It costr RM200 for two plates. I hope it is worth the price.

Perfecting the Volvo one part at a time…