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Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 from Akash Classic Malaysia

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Saw Akash Classic Malaysia posted the car for sale few days ago. Did some research on it and decided to whatsapp him for more photos and condition of the car.

Got the below reply:

Condition of the GTV2000.

  1. Paint- recently owner done ✅
  2. Interior- Need to totally do again as it’s good
  3. Driver side quarter glass not there
  4. Engine running ✅ but need to improve it as not smooth
  5. Brakes average not perfect

Car will require improvement.
Market price RM150K to RM180K.

I am selling at RM98K. Body number matches with engine number

Did some research on the problems above, and wanted to go view the car (Since I was in Perak for Chinese New Year holiday, Akash Classic is in Ipoh). Contacted Akash 2 days later but he said sold. That’s fast.

Read some Youtube reviews on the car, seems like a fun car with great engine and handling and gearbox. People called it the small Ferrari, made in Italy.

However, rust is the main issue. From the above photos, the spare tyre tank view from the bottom looks quite bad condition. However, market price for the car seems to be like RM100k-180k, so the deal from Akash still sound good, especially since the body was just painted. Maybe another RM10-20k to get it sorted and do upholstery.

Anyhow, I don’t like Alfa Romeo logo with the man in the snake mouth design.

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