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Refuelling my Volvo P1800

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My P1800 fuel gauge shows E, and needle jumping E and F. From my previous experience, this means the tank is almost empty. Doesn’t feel safe or secure, so I decided to go fuel up the tank, with a 4L spare petrol ready in the engine oil container kept inside the car, for the just in case.

Went to my usual Petronas station. RON97 price has dropped quite a lot, from over RM4.00 to now RM3.350/L, so I decided to pamper the car with the premium fuel.

Petronas RON97 is now at RM3.350/L. Pumped 31.046L, means still have around 10L petrol left inside the tank.

I have bought a new fuel sender for my car, the correct version with correct Ohm: ~10 ohms empty to ~180 ohms full. However, the screw holes don’t match my current fuel tank. Need to redrill the correct screw holes, and this requires removing the tank from the car, washed and get it cleaned, before drilling can be performed. Quite a big project, I don’t want to DIY, so will need to send to my usual workshop for the work.