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Panasonic F-M15GCVBKSH LED DC Motor Ceiling Fan for my Living Room

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The old Panasonic fan in our living room is giving out humming sound from time to time. This is quite irritating especially when we were watching tv drama. Sprayed WD40 to the fan, sometimes OK, but the humming sound will be back within no time.

Got fed up with the fan, so decided to get a new replacement unit for it.

When searching online, found a new DC motor fan from Panasonic. My friend bought a similar model albeit without LED and under KDK brand, which offer WHITE in colour. I wanted to add extra lighting to my living room, so I opt for the model with LED and I wanted black, which is available from Panasonic.

Panasonic F-M15GCVBKSH WIFAN Wifi 5-Blade with LED Light DC Motor Ceiling Fan F-M15GCVBKSH – Mobile App Control

Bought the fan online at RM902 + RM19.80 shipping. Still cheaper than buying from local physical store. Received the fan within 2-3 days. Installation is easy and straight forward. Got it done in around 30 mins.

The fan looks great in the living room. Black matches with our design. The fan is quiet, and produce strong wind. The LED can be adjusted at different brightness. Warning: I do find the LED to be too bright and irritating to the eyes, so we turn it off most of the time.

As for the old fan in the living room, besides the humming sound, it is actually still functioning well with strong wind produced. So, I reallocated it to the gym room outside the house replacing the old rusted and broken fan there.

Installing or replacing the fan in your own house is not that difficult actually. What you need: Ladder, test pen, pliers, strong arms to hold the fan up while installing.