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New Volvo Letters for My P1800

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I have wanted to change the VOLVO letters of my car on Day 1. The first day I saw it, it is already eye soring. Looks plasticky in matted silver and round edges design. Not the elegant chrome like the rest of the car (bumpers, side chrome…etc.). It costs US$57.78 before shipping. Fedex shipping is around US$20 to Texas address. Not cheap for 5 letters, not urgent, so I dragged till this year Black Friday sales with 15% discount.

I finally got the package from USA today. Can’t wait to get back home and install the letters. It comes with the fasteners to secure the letters. The fasteners are super important and useful. Previous owner only use silicon glue to hold the letters. Good to prevent water from going in, but not so good to hold the letter firmly.

Below is the original Volvo letters design from the previous owner. It looks clean, but not elegant.

Comparing my newly bought Volvo V letter side by side. Size is the same, in fact, the pins and holes match perfectly aligned!

I pushed the old letter from the trunk, clean the surface (leftover of previous wax from car detailer), installed the new letter, and secure it with the letter fasteners from the inside. I use a plastic trim remover tool to press the fasteners securely into the wall. This tool is a must, else you won’t be able to push the fasteners firmly and the letter will be hanging out there. Each letter has two pins and hold by two fasteners.

Installation is easy. Took around 10 minutes to get all 5 letters done.

I really like new look of the VOLVO letter from the rear side of the car. It looks like a whole new car, freshly out from restoration.

I still have this Volvo 1800S emblem that I haven’t changed. It is another eye soring part of the car. Poor workmanship from the previous owner in trying to paint it back.

I have been eyeing one from ebay for long, there are many surfaced there from time to time, but condition are poor. New one is US$50, but I was just worried on the quality. Now seeing the quality of the VOLVO letter, I think I should probably just go order a new one from VPAutoparts of CVR.

Not in a hurry, probably the next small project.