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Just bought: Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Acrylic Black Wax

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I have bought and finished my first bottle of Turtle Ceramic Wet Wax T-53410 recently. I really like the product as it really does give very shinny and smooth surface to my Volvo P1800. It makes stains and dirt super easy to be cleaned.

I missed the spray wax, so I decided to get another bottle last week. While searching for the product, I stumbled upon another product from Turtle, which was specifically designed for black paint car.

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Acrylic Black Wax T-53447

This model is pretty expensive. RM159. Almost double of what I paid for the previous Turtle Ceramic Wet Wax that was RM80. However, thinking that I could save much money by not sending the car for costing, I think it is still considered as pretty cheap. So I ordered it.

Got the product few days ago, couldn’t wait to try it out.

From the reviews that I read and watched, I knew this wax has black deposit in the solution, which is to deepen the black paint of the car. So I wore gloves when applying it to my Volvo.

It was a working morning, so I only managed to wiped clean the bonnet of my car and apply the wax onto it. I sprayed and apply the wax evenly onto the bonnet and waited around 10-15 mins before buffing it off. I think I might have waited a little too long as I couldn’t buff off the wax fully. Anyhow, later of the day I was able to wipe it clean with a wet towel.

I used two towels for the job. One to wipe the wax evenly onto the paint, which made the towel wet, and another one of buffing. You can see the black deposit left over on the towels.

Reflection and shine from the wax is really amazing and satisfying. You can see my reflection from the paint, right after applying and buffing off the wax. With gloves on, the paint was initially resisting when I glided my gloves it, but after waxing, it is extremely smooth.

I am really satisfied with the result from the wax. It is super easy to use, deliver great results and making home car detailing so much easier and fun!