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Replacing Vacuum Hose of my P1800 Brake Booster

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Saw in a Facebook Thailand Volvo group few days ago of a really nice restored brake booster. The part that caught my attention is the vacuum hose. Tidy and simple, unlike mine that is a S shape hose.

I have always wanted to replace the S shape over extended hose of my brake booster, as it is in the way of the air conditional hose.

Two days, I took off the hose and trying to replace it with a short 10mm petrol hose but failed. I coudn’t get the hose in. The distance of the 90 degree angle is so short that I couldn’t bend the petrol hose to fit in. I gave up and reinstalled the S hose back. Took quite a struggle to take it off and fit it back.

I restudied the picture above, it was using petrol hose as well. So it should fit.

Today, I gave it another try. This time I measure the hose required and cut the previous one shorter by another 1cm, and inserted into the silver tube first as that seems to be the tighter part. After some push and pull and using a bigger stronger plyer, I managed to insert both ends into the brake booster!

It does looks like a little bit bended, but I believe air is flowing through still. This looks much better and cleaner than the previous one. Started the car and pressed the brake pedal a few times, I can feel the brake is working. Will test drive it tomorrow, as it was raining today.

Drove the car out this morning for breakfast.

Perfecting my Volvo one byte at a time…the fun of classic!