24 September 2023


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My Experience with Alva Car Coating and Tinted Services in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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Mention my car plate number CEQ511,

you will get 15% discount and I will get 20% rebate from my original spending.

Always saw their advertisement in Facebook, have wanted to try out their services for long, as the advertised package seems really attractive. Only RM588 for coating, and RM488 for tinted, regardless of car type or size. I used to pay more than RM1k or 2k for my Alphard and Peugeot coating services.

As my wife just gotten her new car, I have decided to send her car there for coating and tinted services first. I wanted it to be coated as the original paint does not repel water well, noticed that obviously during first wash. Water is sticking to the surface. Since the car is still new and paint condition is perfect, hence it is better to get it protected.

Went there last Wednesday. Their business is good even during weekdays. Many cars are already queuing. We reached at around 2pm.

Before signing up the packaging, I asked the salesgirl to check the free tinted given by Mazda for the car. I read in the Facebook group from some buyers complaining about the poor quality of the free tinted from Mazda, so I was thinking of getting a 2nd layer for the existing tint.

To my surprise, the free tint from Mazda is surprisingly good quality! IRR is 99.3% for front mirror and 98.3% for 2nd row seats. I didn’t measure other area as I believe those two are already good enough. So that saves me some money.

Some people commented that the Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) is high due to the Visible Light Transmitted (VLT) being high. For me, it is important to follow JPJ rules. Front driver and passenger windows should be 50% VLT, and mine is 66.7%, which passed the rules. Though I do wished the 2nd row and rear can be darker, as there are no restrictions on that.

Anyhow, back to the coating packages. The sales girl explained to me the various packages that they have. I can’t remember the name of the packages, but let’s call them 3, 5, 7 and lifetime warranty packages. The RM588 offer is 3 years warranty package. This package is having 3 layers ceramic coating.

5 Years package is 3 layers ceramic + 3 layers glass coating.

7 Years package 3nd package is 6 layers ceramic + 3 layers glass.

Lifetime package is 6 layers ceramic + 6 layers glass.

I was thinking that the glass coating might be able to help preserving the paint better, and make the hydrophobic effect last longer, so I opt for the 2nd package. The price in the photos above are their original SRP (don’t follow that). I think their actual price is RM588, RM1488, RM2088 and RM3088. Can’t remember exactly though.

I opted for the 2nd package with extra 15% discount when showing them my wife’s Parkson card. So I paid RM1264.80 in the end. By the way, later did I know that you can actually get 15% discount easily by mentioning any car that has been done there before as reference. So in my case, my car plate number is CEQ511, just mentioned this number as reference and you will get 15% discount and I will get 20% rebate (max capped at RM600).

Below is the reply I got from Alva JB after checking with them on the rebate and commission part.

Your friend will get 20% commission from his first spending amount (capped at Rm600 only), provided you spend minimum of Rm500 after 15% discount. Your friend can only earn commission ONCE on one car.

My friend sent his new car there for coating on the same day, few hours earlier than mine. He did coating + tinted service, and he opted for the most expensive package RM3088. They offered him FREE tinted so he just paid for the coating services. I am the one that introduced him this Alva shop, as we all felt that RM588 for coating and RM488 for tinted are really good value for money. I must say that they are really good salesman salesgirl there, and managed to convince us to upgrade from the basic package to 2nd or even the most expensive package.

My friend took the car at night, as he needed to use the car the next day. I took the car the next day, as it is quite bad jam at night and it was raining.

My wife and I took the car at around 2pm. The car looks clean and good. I think they coated the RIM too, as it looks shiny.

Later in the evening it rained, so I rinsed the car with water when we reached home. I do find the hydrophobic effect to be really good and satisfying. However, the polishing quality isn’t as great as I have hoped for. The paint isn’t polished till mirror glass effect. As you can see below, middle photo is good, but bonnet is not as smooth as the middle photo.

Since the car is new and the pain has no or very little defect or swirl mark, I am not too concerned with the polishing quality.

However, I have a 2nd thought on sending my old cars there for coating. With so many cars in queue daily, I have doubt if they are going to do a really detail wash or polishing or not. My friend’s car that is white and newly bought, I can still see dirt on the upper boot rail when he showed me the car. Not very detail washing I would say.

Do I recommend Alva?

Yes and No.

If you don’t want to spend much more like RM2-3k, I think Alva starting price is hard to beat at just RM588. If you planned to spend RM3k for coating, then there are some good one out there, but you might end up spending RM5-6k later at the more expensive shops. My friend’s RM3088 includes a good full car tinted, which worth at least RM1k for the tinted, so I think his RM2k coating with lifetime warranty is still very good value of money.

If your car is the super luxury one or classic car or old car that requires much more attention in polishing, then you might want to find a coating shop that are not so busy in business, so that they can pay more attention and time to do your car right.

Mention my car plate number CEQ511,

you will get 15% discount and I will get 20% rebate from my original spending.

ALVA Concept Store – Damansara

ALVA Concept Store – Puchong

  • 016-6337337
  • No. 31, Jalan TPP 3, Taman Perindustrian Putra 47130 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

ALVA Concept Store – Melaka

ALVA Concept Store – Johor Bahru

  • 016-6337337
  • 61B, Batu 4 1/2, Jalan Skudai Kiri, Kampung Skudai Kiri, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor

ALVA Concept Store – Batu Pahat

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  • 30, Jalan Jenang, Kampung Pegawai, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor