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Second Bottle of Liqui Moly Valve Clean for Volvo P1800

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My Volvo P1800 is spitting black things in the exhaust pipe, causing the floor dirty. I remembered last time after engine cleaning and after valve cleaner into the fuel, the problem was gone. Maybe I adjusted the valve too rich? Or something else? Anyhow, since I have good experience with the valve cleaner, so I thought of trying it again.

First time was done on 6th July 2022, that’s 4 months ago.

I pumped the petrol 2 days ago and added the valve clean into the tank. I used Petronas PRIMAX 97 (RON 97) this time, and only 23 litre (half tank) to full. RON97 was at RM3.950 per litre, total costs RM91.00.

Drove for 2 days short distance, feels good.