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New Car for my Wife, Mazda CX-8

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This is the first car I bought for my wife, the first HER car. Yes, specially bought for her.

Lydia has wanted an SUV for long. We have thought about one before, but always end up with different car model. We have owned and still own some cars: Proton Tiara, Toyota Wish (bought in Japan and brought back to Malaysia), Perodua Myvi, Kia K5 (from my father), Peugeot 407 (from my father), Peugeot RCZ, Toyota Alphard (1st gen 2002 from my father), Toyota Alphard (3rd gen 2018), Volvo P1800 (1965). Never one was dedicate meant for her, so this time I wanted to buy one for her. Personally I have bought two cars for own used, small cars and not family car: Peugeot RCZ and Volvo P1800. So is time to get one for my dear.

We went to look look for a car on 30th June 2022, the last day Malaysia having SST exemption for car. I checked online and found Mazda CX8 to be quite a nice car meeting her wants, so we went to the largest Mazda dealer, Azam Motor in Johor Bahru and checkout the car in person.

After 4 months 25 days of waiting, and many whatsapp inquiries…we finally have our new Mazda CX8 here today! The manager (Jess) called me yesterday informing me that the car has arrived, and she rushed to have it registered for us, so that we can take the car today and not having to wait for the long weekends and holiday. We arrange to take the car and keys at 11am today, 25th Nov 2022.

We departed from our house at 10am.

Arriving at the showroom before 11am.

Jess prepared some documents and keys of the car before off to see the car at the back of the showroom.

Roadtax of the car and chassis number as registered. Annual roadtax for 2488cc engine car is RM830.40. I think is similar to our Alphard. Chassis number is important, Jess checked the physical car chassis number and showed us to confirmed it is the correct one. With so many cars coming to their showroom daily, it could be mistaken and will be problematic if that happened.

Below are some of the car photo gallery of car receiving. The manager spent quite a lengthy time explaining all the car features and functions to my wife. Very responsible sales person.

We went to see all the colours available, chose Deep Crystal Blue.

A bit regret, as my wife actually prefer Red, but I said Red was too striking and tiring after long look. Should have chose and encourage her to get red. Below is the red CX8 I saw last night. Really nice colour.

Anyhow, too late to regret now, so we just have to get used to the blue colour. Personally I am OK with the deep crystal blue, just that I knew my wife prefer red, I should have chose red for her.

By the way, the variant we chose is the top specs of 2.5T High Plus AWD. This is the Turbo 2488cc Engine with All Wheel Drive, 228Hp and 420Nm torque. I haven’t tried it yet, but my wife seems to be happy with it.

Second row is for our kids. Two executive seats, quite spacious and comfortable. When I sat inside with my wife in the driver’s seat, there are plenty of leg room for me. Third row I didn’t try, not going to use that space for my kind of height there. I am 180cm tall (actual, not jacked up figure as per some artists or celebrities).

The engine compartment is neat and covered in full like many modern car. There is no hydraulic jack up arm, and the bonnet is quite heavy actually. Definitely NOT for lady to open up.

Saw another old version CX8 with a quite nice rim in the workshop. Left is our car, while right is the older version I saw. There are optional upgrade of rims in the dealer’s showroom. Quite expensive to upgrade to 20″ rim and since it is my wife’s car, she is not interested in spending money on such things. 20″ will also be too expensive to upkeep and maintain.

Jess reminded us to go to the nearby petrol station to release the tyre air pressure to safety level before driving long distance, as she said originally all new cars are over pumped in tyre pressure. When at the petrol station, I did noticed that the reading of the tyre pressure was 330kpa, really way too high. I released all to 250kpa and we drove home happily.

By the way, did I mentioned that I have prepared our car pouch welcoming the new member the day before already?

I have parked my Peugeot to the backyard car park together with my Volvo P1800. Both are small cars, so still able to squeeze into the space.

Two big cars parked in the front car porch.

Matching colour with the Alphard.