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Volvo P1800 Rear Light LED Modifications / Replacement

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The previous owner of my Volvo P1800 has changed the original light bulb design to LED. He was using Technostalgia LED from USA, which was an array design. I think he modified the rear lights 10 years ago, and the lights are not performing well now. Some LEDs on the array have already dimmed off or not working. Furthermore, they are actually quite dim by today’s standard.

I googled and found the exact same replacement model from ebay. US$79.95 per pair. That converts to around RM400 per pair, or RM200 per side. Quite expensive.


The rear light cover of the Volvo P1800 is of two round shapes. Hence the Technostalgia design above doesn’t really match the light cover, as it only light up the center part, not the exact two round shape of the light cover.

I have been searching for the correct round shape type of LEDs for quite some time. Even bought one that I later found to be too big for my light. Paid RM26 for it.

Recently I saw another design in the marketplace. A pair of TWO round shapes LEDs for motorcycle. Looks great and simple enough to modify to suit my Volvo. Three cables: Ground, W+, Y+. Size is 2″ in diameter, which matches nicely with my Volvo.

I ordered a pair at RM47.30 and it arrived yesterday.

Tested it on my Volvo last night, they fit perfectly. The LED was really bright. MUCH brighter than the Technostalgia in the car. I am glad that I didn’t spend RM400 for that ebay set.

I haven’t really installed the LED yet, as was still troubleshooting on outer and inner LED array, as which is running light and which is brake / signal. They don’t light up both arrays together. When inner LED Light up, then outer LED won’t like up. Was having trouble figuring out how to solve that yesterday, but today I finally gotten solved!

  • Running light = Outer LED
  • Brake or Signal light = Inner LED

So, when running with headlights on, only the outer LED will light up. When turning signal, the outer LED will off and inner LED will blink.

Going to do the wiring and install the two Round LEDs today after work! Excited!