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Peugeot and Toyota Car Services

Due to the long MCO, both my Peugeot and Toyota have long due their service date and mileage.

I did however checked the oil level, still safe. However, the oil in the RCZ seems darker, while the oil in the Toyota still looks clean.

Instead of sending the cars directly to workshop to get their oil changed, I decided to order the engine oil online and just use the local mechanic / workshop for their services in changing the oil. Reason being I prefer to use the oil I wanted, and of cheaper price when buying the oil online. Of course, there are risk of getting fake / imitate oil from online sellers.

Liqui Moly Fully Synthetic Molygen New Generation 5W-40 Engine Oil = RM230. I bought the 5L version as Peugeot RCZ requires 4.3L oil change, while Toyota Alphard requires 4.5L oil change. Of course, that’s official, but in reality, I don’t need more than 4L. Experience learned, so my next oil change I will only purchase 4L bottle size.

Peugeot RCZ Services

Toyota Alphard Services

The engine oil that I bought are from online, Liqui Moly 5W-40. Looks genuine.

I bought also the oil filter and air filter online, different sellers. However, I noticed that the oil filter is fake. The oil filter I bought is also wrong. The mechanic said the filter is for diesel engine. He ordered the correct model for me, with hole in the center. I compared the correct filter with the fake one I bought online.

Genuine vs fake filters:

  • Genuine filter packaging colour is brighter. Fake one is of darker red.
  • Genuine filter has very clear text printing. Fake one is blurry.
  • Genuine filter has a hologram sticker. Fake one without.

The workshop I used is Ling KC Repair Services. The mechanic is professional and friendly. His charges is very reasonable at just RM20 labour cost. The work included:

  • Oil change
  • Air filter change
  • Air cond filter clean up (use compress air pump)
  • Tyres pressure check and pump in air
  • Adds wiper water
  • Clean up engine bay

The genuine oil filter I got from him is just RM25.

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