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Volvo P1800 Spark Plugs Checking

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I changed the spark plugs of my Volvo P1800 on the 7th August 2022. These few days, I felt that the car is choking at gear 1, 2 and 3. Gear 4 seems better, and overdrive has no choking feel.

Today, Malaysia independence day, 31st August 2022, is a public holiday in Malaysia.

After a good rest, I decided to check the condition of the Bosch spark plugs in the car.

To my surprise, all the spark plugs look great! Spark plug 1 2 3 4 (from left to right), all seems to burn well except spark plug 3, which seems to slightly darker but not wet or as bad as before.

I used Carb Cleaner to clean all the spark plugs before reinstalled them back to the engine.

Removing and installing the spark plugs were easy for spark plug 4 and 3. Spark plugs 2 and 1 are a bit difficult to access.

After rreinstalling back the spark plugs, I reinserted the spark plugs cables, ensuring that all of them are tight and fully inserted. I then checked the cables on the distributor, also fully inserted.

Then, I suddenly saw two loose screws on the distributor. The cover of the distributor was loose, didn’t close tightly. Could this caused misfiring in the engine?

One screw is still fine, but the other one is not so good condition on the Philip head. I can’t tighten it with my long screw driver. So I have to find a replacement screw from my inventory. Thank God I found a compatible screw thread type abeilt it is a Allen head.

Tight space but managed to tighten it down.

Went for a quick test drive and I am glad to announce that my car engine perform great without choking in all gear 1 2 3 and 4.

Am aa happy man today. 😁