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Renewing my Volvo P1800 Insurance & Roadtax

Time flies. The first anniversary of owning the Volvo P1800 is just around the corner. 16th September 2022.

When I first registered the car, I wanted to have it done on the 11th Sept, but couldn’t do it in time. So I set it to 16th Sept (Malaysia Day), and specifically told my insurance agent that I want my roadtax to show the 16th Sept date. A good day to remember.

My first insurance and roadtax purchase were through an insurance agent friend, but this time I wanted to try renew it myself via Pos Malaysia. Initially I wanted to go to Am Insurance, but then my friend said post office also can do, so I changed my mind.

Here’s the break down of the cost:

  • Roadtax (1780cc engine) = RM272.00
  • Insurance = RM292.25 (Original price RM355 – 25% NCD RM88.75 + 6% SST RM15.98 + Stamp Duty RM10)
  • Commission = RM2.50
  • Total = RM566.75

The process is fast and straight forward. Can be done within 15 mins. Bring previous insurance policy and copy of car registration certificate.

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