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Volvo P1800 Refuel on 4th Aug 2022 (Weds)

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The fuel gauge was showing E, so it was time to refuel. This time I don’t push the limit or my luck…so I just drove to the petrol station when it showed E.

A week before (18 Aug 2022, Thursday), I bought and poured in 7L of petrol into the tank. Yesterday refuel was 40.73 litre. My last refuel was done on the 29th July 2022 (Friday) with 41.562 litre of petrol with the tank almost empty. So, my tank was virtually only left with less than 1L of petrol when it shows E.

The RON95 fuel in Malaysia is still at RM2.05 per litre. One of the cheapest in the world. My Volvo full tank is RM83.50.

The car drank 7L + 40.73L = 47.73L of fuel in 27 days. Of course I don’t drive it every day, but should be closed to 4-5 days weekly in short distance. Since the odometer is not accurate, so I didn’t record the mileage.

I didn’t add liqui moly valve cleaner this time. Thinking of letting the car runs for a few tanks of fuel first, see how it performed. One obvious improvement I noticed is that my car porch floor no longer having the black soot coming out from the exhaust. I am not sure if the engine is cleaner now, or the combustion cambers are cleaner now, or the exhaust is cleaner now. I feel that the car is getting better and better each day, and my confident in driving it improves daily.

After refueling, I went to Family Mart to purchase some food for my daughter. Parked and saw some people pointing their mobile phones to the sky. Wow, beautiful rainbow! I kneel down and took some photos of my Volvo.