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ShaShinKi.com web design look back

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I am quite particular and picky with the detail of information in the product page of my website. I try to have the page as complete as possible, with good presentation of photos, descriptions, specifications, video…etc.

During the early days (more than 10 years), I designed the website myself using free open source codes. Done hundreds if not thousands of modifications to the website myself, sleepless nights (enjoying the process), pain (when website crashed) and happiness (when achieving a certain mod). From 2005 till 2019, internet has changed so much that it becomes hard for me to keep my webstore upto date with the current design and features. I am not a programmer, learnt only FORTRAN for one semester during my Mechanical engineering bachelor degree study. So, every PHP codes are just a try and error type of implementation for me.

In 2019, I decided to hire an outsider to do a total revamp of the website. That was a bold move, as to give access to someone you don’t know, a total stranger, to your bread and butter, is scary. However, it is either to move forward to the next episode and be competitive, or merry go round till the end when others have overtaking you too far.

Looking back, I am glad that I took the bold move. There is not a single regret and I have work with the programmer for over 600 if not more modifications that I requested for my website. It is a pleasure when you can talk to someone that understand your “language” and “requests”, and deliver what you want in the most professional way!

Here’s my humble website: