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Volvo 123GT for sale in Malaysia in 2015

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Stumbled upon a Facebook thread selling the rare Volvo 123GT in Malaysia. From the VIN plate number 133352 M, this is a genuine 123GT from Volvo, though some badges and fog lights are missing, but the car is the true blood. Those accessories can be added back easily.

From the plate number PH 3759, this is the same car that bought by my friend who also owned the white P1800 in Johor.

To be frank, when I first saw the car in Cinta Ayu apartment car park in Johor, I don’t even care to take a 2nd look, as all my attention was grabbed by the P1800. However, after owning a P1800 myself, I started to appreciate the look of this 2 door 122s, more ever the rare 123GT version.

Hope to have the chance to own one one day. Dreams on.

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