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Volvo P1800 Can’t Start

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Yesterday morning, after started my Volvo for 1-2 minutes while waiting for it to warm up, it suddenly died. I tried to restart it but failed. The engine is cranking, but just won’t fire up.

I thought the fuel has run out, though on the fuel gauge it still shows F (from my experience, if empty, it will be constantly at E all the time). I thought I was wrong, so I went to buy some fuel. Got 7L fuel for the Volvo, and pour all into the tank.

Still, no success.

I remembered last time the engine died when the wiring connecting to the push start button got loose. I was playing with the push start button last time as I wanted to change it to a more modern look type.

So, I checked and yes, the wiring is loose. I reconnect the wire, use a cable tie to secure it, then viola! started successfully! My wife was asking if I need to get a tow truck to tow the car to the workshop again… :p

Glad that this time I managed to troubleshoot and get it done myself.

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