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Never get bored with my Volvo P1800

It is always exciting when coming to drive my Volvo P1800. It is NOT a sports car, don’t deceived by its look. In fact, it was categorised as a Cruiser rather than a Sports car back in the 60s.

It is not a fast car. By today’s standard, it is a rather slow car. Acceleration is slow, Gear 1 and 2 can’t go that high miles, Gear 3 still OK, Gear 4 when reach 50-60 mph, started struggling. Gear 5 (overdrive) reduces the stress in Gear 4, makes the engine sounds smoother. More like cruising rather than accelerating further.

Comfortableness of the car is rather miserable though. If the road is smooth, then OK. But on a bumpy or poor road condition pathway, the rattling sound of my car felt like it is going into transformer mode at anytime! Not sure what to change or improve in this case, as there are too many components that created the orchestra rattling sound in bad road condition.

How imperfect it is, that’s how it is and that’s how I love driving it. It is an eye catcher, attention grabber, much rarer than the many other modern expensive sports car (Mercedes, BMW, GTR, Porsche…etc.) out there, at a fraction of the price of those modern luxury car.

Of course, being a 57 years old car, it has problems here and there, but nothing major and all can be solved without too much headache. Time to go now…go driving! See ya!

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