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Spark Plugs for my Volvo P1800: Bosch & NGK

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Ordered some spark plugs for my Volvo few days ago, when the car when not firing well and jerking.

I ordered 4pcs of NGK BP6HS @ RM5.49 per piece, which were recommended by most for Volvo P1800 B18A engine. The spark plugs in my current engine are the NGK BP7HS. I find the local NGK spark plugs to be really cheap in packaging, not sure if they are genuine or not. All the NGK spark plugs that I have bought are missing the terminal cover. I have to recycle my old one.

The compatible spark plugs from BOSCH is the E7RTC model. I ordered 4 @ RM4.50 per piece. Spark plugs are really cheap. I find the Bosch spark plugs to be in really good finishing.

Compared to NGK, I find BOSCH to have better Hexagon and Metal Shell, but NGK seems to have better Electrode quality (more shinny). However, Terminal Nut from BOSCH looks better to me.

Below are both models side by side.

Both are huge brands, will try out soon the BOSCH first, since I already tried NGK before.