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My Volvo P1800 Driving Update (Day 3), after Added Liqui Moly Valve Cleaner

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As reported 3 days ago of the power loss issue of my Volvo P1800 after added Liqui Moly Valve Cleaner, I am here to report and record my Day 2 and Day 3 driving experience of the car.

Day 2

Yesterday was Sunday, I took the car out for a spin within my Taman in the afternoon. I dare not to go far, as worried of it died in the middle. So I just go in circle around my Taman, which is around 1.6km per circle. I did maybe 5 circles, plus another 2 straight road drive. So, total was around 10-15km I guessed.

Prior to driving the car, I have it started and warmed up for around 20 mins. Then, I drove it slowly and gently (accelerate slowly, didn’t push the pedal too much). After a round or two, I can accelerate more forcefully at Gear 1, 2, and 3. I did even drive at Gear 4 albeit just a short distance due to the road constrain. The car seems to have back to normal, though there are still a little jerk at gear 2.

It was a sunny day, hot outside and warm inside the car. I only use a side window to guide air into the car, still can feel the heat. After a few rounds in the Taman, I decided to switch ON the air cond to test the power and response. No, it was bad. Pickup was bad especially during a small up hill drive. Gear 2 felt like gear 1 without acceleration or can hardly accelerate. I have to switch OFF the air cond to avoid the engine from dying. I drove home after the air cond round, and it reached home safely. I leave the car running for another 15 mins, then only switched off the engine.

Day 3

Today, I drove the car to work. Again, I started the car and let it warm up for 10 minutes before moving the car. The smoke from the exhaust is actually quite bad, making my car porch smoky and my house bad smell. So I don’t want to let it running in my car porch for too long.

Drove it to my nearby office that is less than 2 km distance, but I can feel that it is running smoothly. Albeit engine sound is really loud, which I didn’t notice before this. I am a bit worry of accelerating it too much, as the car is vibrating quite a lot, so just a smooth and slow drive. Shall run in circle a bit more later when going back home.


I feel that the engine is getting better on each drive. I hope the Liqui Moly Valve Cleaner is doing its job in cleaning the valve and combustion chamber of my engine. Each drives shall make the engine cleaner, and better combustion.

When I switched off the engine, the car coughed and continue to run for a few more seconds before dying down. From what I understand, this is caused by spark plugs too hot, continue burning the fuel inside the combustion chamber. I am using NGK BP7HS spark plugs, which is already one stop colder than the recommended BP6HS. Will try change the spark plugs and see how it performs.

Update at 11.35pm Day 3

Did a normal drive after work just now. I started the car and let it warm up a little only at around 2 minutes (yes, I did time my watch). Have it going and to my surprise, it did drive smooth. Gear 1, 2, 3, 4 all smooth and accelerate well. I did 2-3 rounds around my Taman, switched on the air-cond, and the car can still climb uphill smoothly. So I decided to go further to the nearby (7km distance) Taman for some breads. Stopped by a few traffic lights and drove it at the faster than normal speed without problem.

Thank God, I feel that my car is back to normal, or even better than before. The smell of petrol is still strong, and the car will continue to run for a few more seconds after I switched off the key, but everything seems to be fine or better now.

Excited to drive it every morning!

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