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Volvo P1800 Sun Visors

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I have bought a set of sun visor brackets from VP Autoparts few weeks ago, though haven’t received them yet.

Sun visor brackets 1800 64-69 VP Tooling Part no: 673210 US$ 58.33

I only bought the brackets, as the sun visors are too expensive. One side costs US$143.89, that’s RM650 per piece. Two will be RM1300. Crazy for two pieces of plastic boards. I saw some Youtube video and plan to DIY with the brackets that I bought.

Then, last week by chance I came across a listing in ebay of 3 sun visors for P1800. Yes, there are 3 in the listing lot, together with brackets. I think they are original, over 50 years old, so condition aren’t great. Starting bid was US $24.99, and I was the only one to bid (you saw 2 bids there because I increased my bid price later to US$31, just in case if someone overbid my initial US$24.99 price when I was away).

I didn’t notice of the shipping cost though, which was US$21.20. Anyhow, since I won the bid, so I paid.

Can’t wait to get the sun visors and install to my P1800! Morning and evening sun makes driving difficult without sun visor.