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Volvo 122s Revisit?

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Still thinking about the car, so asked my nephew to visit the place and see if the car is still there.

Got a photo from my nephew, yes he said, the car is still there.

I visited the place on 7th March 2022. The car has been left outside the house under open area for more than 2 years I think. Looks great from the photo, but upon close inspections are already some rusts and rotten metal. I believed there are some leakage as well. Wild animals might also have made home of the car, as the rear seats seems to have some rubbish dump.

The owner has reduced the price to RM20k. He contacted me in June, said there was another buyer visiting him for the car. I guess the deal didn’t go through as my nephew still saw the car today. Must be very low offer from the buyer.

Anyhow, my wife has given a HUGE RED LIGHT for another car. So I can only dream about it regardless of the price.

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