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First try of the Nescafe Gold Cuppuccino Ice Cream from 99 Speedmart

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I saw the advertisement banner of Nescafe Gold Cappuccino ice cream few weeks ago outside a 99 Speedmart convenient store that I visit frequently. I asked the cashier where was the ice cream, she just told me in the fridge. I couldn’t find it, nevermind and bought some Walls Magnum ice cream instead.

Today, I did my usual light groceries at 99 Speedmart again before heading home after work. Got all my items, then I went pass the ice cream fridge. Something caught my eyes, and I saw this Nescafe Gold Cuppuccino Ice Cream. Nice packaging, and immediately I pick up one. Paid all my groceries and can’t wait to try out this new flavor! Coffee and Ice Cream are my two favorite, I wonder how they tasted when combined, especially under this famous Nescafe brand. The previous Musang King ice cream from Nescafe was quite a big surprise and good, which I tried in Jan this year.

So, how does this Nescafe Gold Cuppuccino Ice Cream tastes?

The ice cream stick is in an oval shape. Not the unique durian shape like the previous Musang King ice cream. The outer coating is a layer of thick chocolate. Rich and soft. Not as crunchy as the Magnum type, but still good. The ice cream inside has a thick coffee taste and smell. It deco in brown and white mixed colour. The taste reminds me of Starbucks frappuccino, but much colder in this ice cream form. It is sweet but not too sweet. Ice cream is soft and smooth without any texture feel in the mouth. Good I would say.

Overall I would give it a 10/10 for ice cream and coffee lover. Not for kids though, as most won’t like the little bitter taste from the ice cream.

Will I try it again? Maybe but the urge and crave is not as high as the Musang King that I tried last time (as like I wanted to eat the musang king again!)

Worth trying, and I think you won’t get disappointed.

(I forgot the check the price as it was paid together with other groceries, but I think it should be around RM4.50 per stick)