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Bidding for a Car Plate Number in Malaysia

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This is the 2nd time I am bidding for a car plate number in Malaysia. The first time was for my Volvo, SYP 1800. That is a Sabah plate number, I like it because it means Saya P1800 to me. It also looks like SPY 1800, a James Bond car.

Today, I bid another plate number. This time is for my wife. For her new up coming car. We wanted number 511, which represents her birthday May the 11th. We were undecided as which front alphabet to choose from. There are several running alphabets from different States: VJJ, AMP, CEQ, PQK, SYU, KFK, etc. The more meaningful one being CEQ, as it looks like CEO, and in the Northern region, CEQ is actually meaning Saya. So, CEQ 511 = Saya 511 or I AM 511. (There were BRA alphabets few days ago, I asked my wife if she wanted that…NO NO NO she said. I find it fun…but not for serious car I guess…)

I have wanted that number CEQ 511, so I submitted my bid when it first opened for bidding 3 days ago. I submitted my bid at RM511. I even did a mock up of the number on the Mazda CX8, and it looks good!

Today is the closing day if the auction. To my surprised, I was outbid. There is a higher bid at RM800 for the same number bid yesterday. Looks like someone is interested in the number as well. So I prepared myself for a fight tonight, where the auction closing time is 10pm.

I started monitoring the auction right before 9pm. Got myself log into the jpjebid website before that and making sure that I can access the page and account.

I checked the bidding page, there are just two bidders, my first bid at RM511 and a second bid at RM800. I am not sure if I wanted to submit new bid at the very last minute or not, as I have read many complaining that they can’t access the page or make the payment at the very last minute. I wanted the number badly, and I don’t like to regret later. So, I have decided to change my strategy a little.

My initial plan is to submit a maximum RM1511 bid for the number CEQ 511, but I don’t want to reveal my figure immediately, in case someone plan to outbid me. So, what I need is to just outbid the current price of RM800, making sure that I am already the current highest bidder, in case I can’t submit my final bid in the very last minute.

All set, so I submitted my higher than RM800 bid at 9.25pm. My bid was RM1011. Why this figure? It was the same figure I bid for SYP 1800. So, I was the highest bidder.

I kept refreshing the page, my heart was beating fast. Yes, I confirmed that with an oxymeter. My heart rate is above 120. Maybe because I ran upstairs to get the oxymeter from my bedroom, but it was still above 100 after a few deep breath.

It was tense, as I don’t know if the other party was online or not. 511 is not a hot number, so there were no dogs or cats fight. Maybe I was over react. Maybe I was alone.

Count down time in the last 10 minutes. My wife sit besides me. We were equally excited. My boy was in the same room too. I told him about the bidding, and why we wanted that number. I tried to calm myself down…so we prayed. We prayed to God for giving us the number at the price that he is willing. RM1011 or RM1511.

At the very last 5 minutes, I opened up another window, cast in my RM1511 new bid amount, preparing for the final submission. At 3 minutes left, I submitted my RM1511 bid, keyed in my credit card info, pressed the submit button and it redirect me to the Maybank2u website for verification (need to key in TAC number, which was sent to phone). I waited, and waited, less than minute left, no SMS received, no TAC number. I can’t key in TAC number in Maybank2u website to submit my payment. I kept refreshing the page and I didn’t see any new bid out bid my RM1011. 3…2…1…Bidding closed. My still didn’t get SMS from Maybank to submit my payment. Never mind I thought. Maybe that’s God’s willing that I do not have to spend extra RM500 for the number, or if I didn’t win the auction, God has a better plan for me.

I have peace in my heart. That’s the most important part I don’t feel regret or nervous anymore. Results will be out tomorrow. If God’s willing, we will have that CEQ 511.

Thank God

Update 7.25am, 20th July 2022

Woke up this morning at 6am to prepare for my kids school day. Checked my gmail and praise to the Lord I got the number!

JPJeBid – Keputusan Bidaan CEQ511 : Berjaya

I am so happy with the news and when I broke it to my wife, I can see her big smile and excitement as well! Now…have a long queue for the car…need to be patient…