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Refueling my Volvo P1800

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Got the car back from workshop last week, the fuel gauge was showing E. Not sure how much fuel left but I was a bit worried. Don’t want the car died on the wrong again (twice already).

This morning when I started driving (after adjusted the idling RPM), the car is coughing at gear 1 and 2. I pressed the gas pedal deeper, and it coughed and coughed. I am not sure if it is due to spark plugs or not enough fuel. Nevertheless, I decided to just drive it to petrol station and get the car fuel up.

During the drive, I tried not to press the pedal too hard, drove it gently…and thank God, I reached Petronas safely. RON 97 is RM4.84/L while RON 95 is RM2.05/L. I decided to lift the yellow nozzle up, which is RON 95. Can’t justify doubling the price for RON 97.

I done fuel up RM86.50 or 42.193L RON 95 petrol to my car. Last refueling was done on 17th May 2022, which was the Shell Racing fuel. Drove it for a month before sending to workshop.

My last refueling was done after the car ran out of fuel, which was completely empty, and the total fuel pumped into it was 43.89L. Today I pumped in 42.19L, which means my car only has 1.7L fuel left inside.

That was closed! Thank God no need to call for help this time.

Driving back to office with a smile on my face. Took some photos while stopping at the traffic light. The fuel gauge is showing F again.

The official original P1800 fuel tank was 45L capacity. Mine is a custom made stainless steel tank, should be around 44L capacity. 1L less than the original.