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Volvo 940 Alternator for my Volvo P1800

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An honest seller, sold me an used Volvo 940 alternator from his scrapped car, I paid RM250 for it including shipping. The alternator is heavy.

Got the alternator today, really fast. I brought it to my mechanic, and he already have the newly bought but refurbished alternator installed, albeit not aligned right yet.

Looks good and shinny.

However, I still hope to try out the old Volvo 940 alternator, so I told the mechanic to help me install. He said he will try.

This vVolvo 940 alternator is slightly bigger, much heavier. 100amp output, so there must be more coils inside.

Cant wait to have my car back!

Update 25th June 2022

My mechanic has tried to put the 940 alternator into the engine bay, but sadly, it doesn’t fit. Too big, the drive shaft is blocking the way and the 940 alternator won’t be able to move or adjust at all. I guess for left hand drive car, where the drive shaft is on the left hand side, there are much more room on the right side of the engine bay, so it won’t block the way when using the 940 alternator. Sorry, wasted RM250.