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Removing Google Adsense from my Blog

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Yeah, I know it is annoying. Too many pop ups, too many ads, too many distractions.

I have installed Google adsense to my blog 6 months ago, just want to see how much $$$ it can bring to my hobby. It takes time for Google to show some meaningful and related ads to my blog, so I just installed and forget about it. Can’t really say forget, as the ads keeps showing up and taking up my space. So, it is kinda annoying.

Today, a friend visited my blog and complaint about it (no thanks girly Glenn). So, I decided to take a look at my Adsense page…

Daily earning in cents…that’s really pity and miserable. So, I have decided to just delete the ads and my my blog looks much cleaner and easier to browse now.

Don’t say I didn’t try and give chance ya…google. U missed it!