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Vintage Air Heritage Under Dash System for Volvo P1800

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I always find the current air cond blower in my Volvo P1800 to be a little mis-matching. It does not melt well with the overal design of the car. Maybe because the vent is rectangular shape instead of round.

I then came across this Vintage Air brand from USA. Browsed through their website and found a very nice model: Vintage Air Heritage Under Dash System Cool Only Engine Turned Aluminum 674002

There are several faceplate design. I kinda prefer the brushed aluminum type, 2nd from the bottom. Match well with my car.

How much does it costs? That’s before shipping.

Price: US$440.00

Winner of the 2015 SEMA Best New Product Award and three 2015 Global Media Awards the Heritage under dash A/C system is designed to deliver Vintage Air’s proven performance while complementing almost every style of classic car or truck.

With a real engine-turned aluminum face the Heritage is designed in a classic style that is perfect for customs hot rods and classics. Featuring a high-output blower fan this cool only unit is precision injection molded for light weight and compact fitment.

Dimensions are just 16.25-inches wide x 5.25-inches tall x 12-inches deep!

Mounting brackets a drain kit and detailed installation instructions are included.

Found a fellow P1800 member from the USA installing this on his P1800. I mirrored the photo to make it more right hand side feel as per my car. He installed it at the center, but I think due to the steering wheel, it is not perfectly center. I thought it might be more balance if installed at the passenger side.

The round vents match well with the round gauges of the car.

This is a wanted, but not urgent. Let’s sort out other matters first.