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A Spare Alternator for my Volvo P1800

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Before I searched and found the same alternator for my Volvo P1800 yesterday, I have actually contacted a Facebook seller for a Volvo 960 alternator that he has from his scrapped car. I have paid him on Friday afternoon, and he promised to dismantled the alternator from the car and posted me the next day. Waited till night, still no news. Waited till next day, still not yet dismantled. So I told him to cancel and refund my money.

Today, the seller contacted me again, showing me photos of the dismantled alternator. He seems genuine and not scammer, since he did refund me the money after I requested to cancel the order. So, I paid him again and he later showed me the shipped consignment note of the alternator via JnT. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.

I chose this Volvo 960 alternator as in Facebook group, someone has mentioned that he used this model for his P1800. So I thought it should be compatible. Worth trying, since this is 100A output, original Volvo (made by Bosch), and someone has successfully installed it.

Those similar model alternator from ebay or lazada or shopee are costing over RM400 each. So this shall be a good bargain and worth experimenting. The seller told me that it is in good working condition as the car is running fine before scrapping.