24 September 2023


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Volvo P1800 Out of Fuel, again

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This is the 2nd time I run out of fuel on my Volvo P1800. After reversing the fuel sender, the fuel gauge is showing the correct E and F direction, but again not very accurate. Or, should I say I am not familiar with the indicator yet.

The gauge has shown E for a few days already, still I was a bit reluctant to go pump, as I wasn’t sure if the indicator is correct or else. So I just waited and waited…and finally the day has come. It coughed and car started losing power even after pressing the gas pedal… Sounds familiar and I knew the car has run out of gas.

Another reason that I delayed going to the petrol station is because I wanted to pump Shell V-Power Racing fuel, which was said to be able to clean the engine carbon residual. Two of my sparks plugs are showing black carbon sign, even after cleaning and within few days time they became black again. I did sprayed Carb Cleaner into the piston cambers, but I have little faith that it will be able to clean the cambers. Anyhow, still worth trying and Shell V-Power Racing is another cure…hopefully.

Petrol getting higher and higher price in Malaysia. RON95 remains the cheapest at RM2.05, while RON97 is at RM4.33. The Shell V-Power Racing is at a whopping RM5.70 per litre.

I pumped twice. First was to borrow an engine oil container from a nearby workshop, and went to Shell station to buy some petrol, RM41.10 for 7.21 litre. Second time was to drove the car there, as photos above, to pump till full, RM209.08 for 36.68 litre. Full tank cost me RM250.18 or 43.89 litre.