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My Beloved Wife’s Birthday

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Today’s is the BIG day for the BOSS of our family.

My wife needed a 2nd phone number, I have bought the number a week earlier, but haven’t gotten the phone. We went to see Samsung S22 series, Xiaomi phones, but undecided.

Then, on the morning of her birthday, over the chat with a friend that uses iPhone, he mentioned about the security of iPhone. That closed our trouble of choosing, and iPhone it is.

We have never use an iPhone before, always a Samsung fan. However, recent phone fraud and scam have us worrying, so we decided to switch to the more secure iPhone environment.

Why is iPhone more secure? You can’t install third party APP directly from website into iPhone without jail breaking it. Apple scans and approve all their APPLE Store APP, so there should not be any phishing APP in their store.

It was a busy working day, we only have 2 hours time gap to do shopping. We went to the nearby shopping mall and went straight to Apple store Urban Republic in Paradigm Johor Bahru. The biggest size iPhone 13 Pro Max, wanted Gold colour but is only available in 256GB. Wanted 512GB actually but is only available in Green. So, Gold it is.

Later the afternoon, I went to shop for a case for the phone myself. Undecided which one she likes, so I video call her and this is what she chose.

I gift wrapped the presents and gave it to my wife during dinner. She knew what’s inside but my kids didn’t. My boy guessed it right (phone and case), while my girl was surprised and envy with red.

Thank you dear for your love and sacrifices to the family. May God continue His blessings onto you always. May you have good health, happy and pretty always!

Love, King.