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A Multipurpose Basket Tray Center Console for my Volvo P1800

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The car is simple. Made in the 60s before mobile phone was invented.

There was no tray for me to put my stuff inside the car, especially my wallet and phone. Volvo has a Center console P1800 Part no: 672391 for the car, but is costing US$138.89 (RM600). No way I am going to spend such money for a plastic tray.

Bought this lovely basket for my car. Measured the size to make sure it fits. It costs only RM13.83 + RM3.80 shipping (less than US$5 in total), and it served the purpose.

Handmade Wicker Storage Basket (Size: 25 x 16 x 7cm)

Perfecting the car one bit at a time…that’s the fun of owning an oldies…