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Volvo P1800 Engine Compartment Seal

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During car wash or heavy rain, my battery compartment will often get wet with water left inside. This is bad as it might cause corrosion on the battery compartment area.

I tried to figure out where the water came in, and suspected that it might be due to the half rubber sealed drainage of the bonnet at the edges.

Searched around, I found this rubber that I can potentially use to extend the seal till the end of the bonnet. Length is 1.7m, enough for both sides of the bonnet. RM6.20 + RM4.10 shipping = RM10.30.

The design is perfect to be half inserted into the metal edge, and another extended half to prevent water from spilling over.

Installation was super easy. Just measure the length and inserted the rubber to the bonnet edge. Not sure how firm it is, but I am going to test washing the car tonight and see if water will still go in or not.