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Skirt for my Gear Stick (Volvo P1800)

The previous leather skirt was breaking up. It was stitched onto the carpet around it, so is hard to replace. The broken leather skirt makes it look ugly, so I decided to get a rubber skirt for it. I wanted to expose the cool metallic chrome stick of the gear stick as well.

The first one that I bought is as below. Looks good, but I didn’t know it was a slanted design. It is not suitable for my car, as the movement of the stick makes the skirt not big enough to cover.

I searched around and found another skirt. It was meant for marine use as you can see there is no hole on top. Fully waterproof.

I made the hole myself on the skirt top by using a metal rod and burnt it hot, then stick/melt through the rubber. It took a bit of effort to install, but at the end, I quite like and please with the result.

One more task done. Perfecting my Volvo one bit at a time. That’s the fun of driving a classic!

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