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Volvo P1800 Water Leaks

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First round, I glued certain parts, and hope that it will seal and stop the leak during rainy day. Failed.

Second round, done 3 days ago. I glued the whole bottom part of the windscreen. Waited 2 days and today put the car under hot sun. Washed the car just now with lots of water splashing. Found water still came out inside the car at the driver side. Passenger side is dry, which is a good thing. However, not totally sealed, so still considered failed.

I suspect the leak is from the top part of the rubber shield of the windscreen, flow into the bottom part and came out from it.

I have finished my Permatex liquid glue. Just ordered another new stick, shall arrive next week and will glue further. This time I will try glue as much as possible. Hopefully this time can seal it tight.

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