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Fake Sandisk Memory Card – Ultra 256GB MicroSD

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A customer came to ShaShinKi today, saying that his GoPro HERO 5 is faulty. Record few seconds and hang.

The first thing to check is of course the memory card. I took the memory card out from the GoPro, and asked him where he bought it from and how much he paid for it.

Shoxxxx at around RM60-70. I said original memory card can’t be so cheap. I took a photo front and back of the card to get a clearer view of the card, and confirmed that it is a FAKE card. Printing is unclear and poor quality ink.

I took my 100% GENUINE memory card and take a photo of it to compare with the fake card above.

As you can see above, the printing on the genuine memory card is solid, vibrant, clear and of course better quality.