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Volvo Stickers, Badges, Emblems for my P1800

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Bought some stickers or badges or emblems for my Volvo P1800. Two places in the car that I want to put them on.

First is the rear speakers. I am not sure what is the original brand of the speakers, but they just don’t look right without the name badge on them. The size of the badge placement is quite small, so I don’t want to get very big Volvo badges and put over it.

This is what I chose and bought. They are tiny, about 2.5cm in length. I cleaned the speaker surface with alcohol before pasting the badge onto it. Alcohol is good to remove any grease or oily residue on the surface, which can cost the sticker not hold properly. This is just a tiny improvement, but I love it!

The Second place that I want to put the emblem on is the gauges box. I am not sure what is the original badge or emblem that the previous owner put on the gauges box, but it just doesn’t look good to me. So I want to get a nice Volvo emblem to replace it.

I measured the size and space, it should not be more than 4.5cm in height. After searching high and low, I have finally found one that is of suitable size. Much better match for my Volvo.

I bought the extra blue Volvo stickers for the just in case, but not needed now.

What’s the total cost? RM50 for the stickers + RM4.50 shipping = RM54.50.