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WORK Wheel Hub Painting for my Volvo P1800

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This is a continuous project. Last week I painted one hub, and my mirror chrome spray paint finished. So I ordered another can and continue the project this weekends.

It is actually good for me that I only painted one hub last week, as I found the paint to be failing, or should I say if you touched it, it will stain your hands or cloth, making the paint dull afterwards.

I found a can of clear coat paint in my store room, so I decided to use a clear coat over the mirror chrome paint. This proves to be a better decision, as the chrome paint gets protected and the surface is smoother.

Without the clear coat, the chrome is shiner, but it gets faded once you touched it. The clear coat has a yellow tint, and on two hubs I over sprayed till they showed thick yellow surface on the hubs. That’s OK, as I don’t want to sand and respray. Can’t get perfect quality for all the 4 hubs.

By the way, the hubs are made out of plastic. Each are secured with just one screw to the rims. The hole were all cracked, and I took some time to repair them by applying superglue and put a metal washer onto them. This shall make the hole stronger and more lasting.

The paint looks more like a matted silver than mirror chrome.

Took me a day to get all hub cap done. Not perfect, but is much better than the previous conditions.