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Volvo P1800 Fuel Tank Empty…again!

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The fuel gauge has shown F for a few days now. I thought there should still be some fuel left, so should be OK for tomorrow…and tomorrow…and tomorrow.

Went to office today for a quick work. I found the car engine to be coughing. Something is NOT right…felt familiar…then I thought…oh…it could be the fuel tank empty…delivering NOT enough petrol to the engine. It could die at anytime!

After settled my work at the office, instead of heading home, I decided to drive to the nearby petrol station. It is just 3km away, but a challenging ride! Prayed in heart…I hope I can reach the petrol station in time before the fuel run out.

I have to wait for 2 traffic lights, and I try not to rev the engine too much. Air conditioner is OFF of course.

At the final turn into the petrol station…I was in gear 3 but I can definitely feel the car dying. I quickly changed to gear 2 and still it wasn’t picking up speed. I pressed the clutch and let it glided to the nearest pump station…

Just another meter away, there was not enough momentum to push the car forward, so I pushed my stick to 1st gear and press the pedal and releasing the clutch hoping it could push forward. Thank God, it did.

I parked nicely at the pump station. Felt relief and turned the car engine off. The needle was showing F, which means EMPTY.

Felt relief, I took my time and pumped RON 95, RM86 @ 41.85 litre @ RM2.05 / L. RON 97 was RM4.00 last week and RM3.83 this week, which I felt is way too expensive. All my cars are pumping RON 95 now.

Now this is FULL.

I drove back home and pushed the gas pedal deep without having the engine cough. Car is good.

By the way, I pumped at Petronas, always!