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STP Carburetor Cleaner / Spray for my Volvo P1800

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When changing the air filters of my Volvo P1800, I noticed some dirt that looks like sticky gum on the carburetor air intake. I cleaned using some tissues, it can be removed but not clean still.

Googled online and I found this Carb Spray from STP. Bought two bottles at RM33.00 + RM4.50 shipping = RM37.50.

A relaxing Sunday today, so I decided to take out the K&N filters and did some cleaning on the carbs. Just some sprays the carbs are immediately cleaned! I keep the engine running during the spraying process, and I pulled the throttle a little to move the air intake valve inside the carbs.

After cleaning the carbs, I noticed other parts of the carburetors are dirty as well. So, I decided to give them some sprays. I turned off the engine first, as it is really noisy and hot. Sprayed a first layer and waited for a minutes before a 2nd or 3rd sprays to clean off all the oily stains on the carbs.

I think I used up maybe half a bottle. The spray pressure from the bottle is high. It can effectively spray off dirt and oil stain from the surface. No wiping or brushing is necessary.

Highly recommended!