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Revisiting the Two White Horses, Volvo P1800 + 123GT

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Visiting Cinta Ayu, Pulai Springs Resort in Johor Bahru, and am happy to see the two cars parked side by side of each other. For sure must pull out my handphone and snapped some photos.

I have seen these two cars many times. When I first saw the Volvo P1800, I fall in love with it immediately. The 123GT wasn’t that much of an eye catcher during that time, for me it is just another boxy Volvo. So it is just a passerby.

Having owned a P1800 myself now, I started to appreciate the design of the Volvo 120 series more. Of course it is not as stunning look as the P1800, but I like it to compliment the P1800 very well. Having the same engine, gearbox, etc., it is a nice sibling to the P1800. The 123GT example here is a very rare unit.