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Volvo P1800 Windscreen Water Leakage Repair

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My Volvo P1800 windscreen is leaking water during rainy day. During the last rainy day ride, the rain was so heavy raining cats and dogs that lots of water slipped into the car and soaked my shoe in the driver side.

Passenger side is leaking as well, and water came through the curvy edge of the windscreen into the car.

So, what’s the solution?

Option 1: send the car to windscreen repair shop. They either pump in silicon to the leaking part or take out the whole windscreen and redo the glue of the entire windscreen. The later one can be a big project, risk damaging my windscreen and the windscreen rubber might need a new replacement.

Option 2: DIY. This will be similar to option 1 albeit just doing it myself. Of course I have no experience in repairing windscreen, but it is still worth trying.

I Googled for windscreen repair glue and found highly recommended Permatex brand.

Costs RM50+ and got it few days ago. I waited for a few days for my car to be completely dry before applying it to my windscreen.

Saturday is perfect, as I only work half day. It was REALLY hot today, my car was parked under the sun and I am sure the windscreen is completely dry.

Applying the glue to the windscreen wasn’t that difficult. I inserted the tip of the glue underneath the rubber seal, then squeeze the glue out while moving the tip from side to side. I applied around 20cm length on each side of the windscreen.

According to the instruction, it takes 2 hours to cure and 24 hours to fully cure. Shall test drive under the rain again next week, if there is rain.