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Revisiting the OLD Volvo P1800 for sale ads in Malaysia

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After having my own Volvo P1800 for 6 months, now when I visited back the Volvo for sale ads in Malaysia, I can see much more than what I didn’t see previously.

Photos below are from Carlist.my, the owner sold it in July 2021 for RM120k. That’s quite a good price for the new owner.


The previous owner said the car was sent to Thailand for repainting and interior work done.

I felt really “missed the deal” when I first contacted the seller. But now when revisit the photos of the car, I have quite a different thought.

As the photos weren’t very high resolutions, so I can’t judge the quality of the paint in detail. However, obviously the wheels are wrong. The side mirror also doesn’t look like Volvo original.

  • Interior wise, clock has been changed, and upholstery looks not original design. I think the seats have been changed to a modern seat type, which is very wrong.
  • I don’t like the steering wheel as well, and the dash aluminum trim has been changed to wooden colour or material.
  • Rear mirror has been moved from dashboard to top, another no no as this is the unique part of P1800.
  • Previous owner installed a big center interior light…another no no.
  • Gear knob changed with a big center console. I can still accept that.

The bumpers are period correct for a 1966 car, but I prefer the cow horn bumper more.